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Let Us Build Your Next WordPress Website is the partner of choice for many SMEs in and around Bristol. We help businesses elevate their value through custom software development, product design, and e-commerce consultancy services.
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WordPress Development

We cater to all types of WordPress websites, from one-page to more complex multi-vendor marketplaces and WooCommerce sites

Design, Consulting and Implementation

Whether you are looking to use an off the shelf template to complete your website quickly or want to create one from scratch, we can help

Website Hosting & Maintenance

Our selection of hosting packages offer excellent value for money and performance, no matter what the function of the site

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All About The Cooks worked with Lyle over the past 6 months to bring the vision of our platform to life. As a start-up in a test phase, we are thrilled to have achieved a high functioning multi-vendor e-commerce site from scant beginnings to a full public launch, within this time and on budget.Lyle has been highly collaborative, creative and pragmatic in his solution-focussed approach. Where appropriate he has stepped in with ideas and guidance for the All About The Cooks team to consider and adopt, both at a detailed operational and at a strategic level - something which has been welcomed and invaluable.Above all, Lyle’s willingness to embrace and support all aspects of our business model, in particular our mission and social impact objectives, has been key to his value as a member of the All About The Cooks’ team.We continue to work with him on an ongoing basis as the platform evolves.

Claire Founder, AllAboutTheCooks

Lyle was a pleasure to work with, with minimal content and brief descriptions from ourselves he revamped our old and dated website into a new fresh and professional website which we are over the moon with. we have constant positive comments from existing and new clients all of the time.Lyle managed to exceed our expectations at a fraction of the cost in comparison to other website designers we had previous quotations from, if you need a website updating or a complete new one, then Lyle should be your first point of call.

Chris Managing Director, CL Drylining

I cannot thank Lyle and team enough for their enormous support in getting our complex site up and running, he really was extremely helpful not only on the business side but also the technical.

Tim Founder
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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    On average most sites cost between £1000-£1500 per website. The average site has between 12-15 pages. However, smaller sites with about 1-3 pages only cost £375.00!

    Most definitely. We install the latest SEO plugins to help in this regard and will set it up for you initially, but if you want consistent and ongoing SEO maintenance this will be chargeable under a SEO support package we offer.

    We’d love to help. We have WordPress clients throughout the UK but if you are looking to work with local WordPress Bristol developers we can arrange a meeting at your convenience. We are happy to work by email, phone or virtual meetings, whatever works best for you.
    Yep! We'll configure your website in no time to start tracking al the important analytics around the website usage.
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    This will be entirely up to your business requirements.

    This will depend on the target audience you are wanting to attract, but for most sites they all have a presence on Facebook for a start

    Website hosting allows individuals and businesses to display their websites on the Internet. Websites are made up of various files containing the code and databases needed to display the website correctly on a users browser. These files are stored on computers called servers. Servers are kept on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure your website always remains online. We offer a quality web hosting service, which will keep your website, not only live, but as safe and secure as possible.
    WordPress Plugins are similar to apps on your phone. They create the ability to easily add different functionalities to your website. Just like with apps on your phone, they regularly get updates to fix any bugs, add new features and update the security. Plugins are an open-source software, and are created by third party developers. Most of these developers continuously update the plugins to fix bugs and add in new features to help streamline the user experience.Making sure that any plugins installed on your wordpress site are kept up to date is vital in keeping your website secure. Any weaknesses in the code of your plugins can make your site susceptible to hackers or malware. This not only makes your website vulnerable, but also the information of any visitors to your website who may interact with any of the plugin features. By keeping them up to date, you are increasing the security of your website and protecting the data of your visitors.Keeping on top of updating the plugins installed on your WordPress website can be a laborious task. By hiring an agency to look after and maintain your website, updating plugins will be a part of that package. However, we offer this service for as little as £30 per month, subject to the availability of these plugins to us.
    Yes, WordPress is generally a secure content management system, as long as you follow the best practices. By keeping your website’s core files and plugins up to date, you can increase the security of your website. As an open source software, WordPress is managed and maintained by a team of cyber security professionals. They regularly release updates that fix security issues and vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited by hackers. By updating your core files as soon as the updates are released, you are tightening the security around your website.The same can be said for any plugins that you have installed on your WordPress website. Plugins are developed by third party developers and add different functionality and features to your website. Just like the team at WordPress, plugin developers are constantly releasing new updates to improve security and add new features.Another way to ensure that your WordPress website is secure is to use strong logins and passwords. Using a password manager or enabling two-factor authentication will help to ensure that only people who should have access to your website can gain access.Taking regular backups of your website is also considered best practice. While it does not enhance the security of your account, it will allow you to restore your website if anything were to happen to it.If your WordPress website was to be hacked, you may not be able to tell. By hiring a specialised agency to look after and maintain your website, they will be able to monitor your website and install new updates as and when they are released to ensure that your WordPress website is as secure as possible.

    You can keep your website secure by following the best practices, such as keeping your core files and plugins up to date and having secure passwords. However, WordPress security plugins can help to add an extra layer of security to your website.

    If, when building your website, you install a security plugin and design the site to be secure, it can still be vulnerable to attacks. Website security is an ongoing job. Installing a security plugin, your website will be monitored around the clock, alerting you instantly if any threats or suspicious activities occur. Security plugins also manage to

    The advantages of having a security plugin installed on your website is that they usually offer an all-in-one solution. Meaning you can easily manage your login security, scan for malware and set up firewalls. WordPress security Plugins also help to protect the database that stores all of your websites information.

    Even if you have a security plugin installed on your website, a hacker could still gain access to your site. A security plugin, combined with keeping your code and other plugins up to date, creating strong login credentials and a secure hosting environment will help to keep your website as secure as possible.

    As part of our maintenance package, we can install a WordPress security plugin to your website, allowing us to accurately monitor your site. If we detect or are alerted to any suspicious activity on your website we will work to ensure that the issue is resolved as soon as possible and restore your website to its last known version.

    Your computer connects to a websites server via an IP address, which is a long string of numbers. A domain name is a friendly version of this IP address, so that users can easily remember and identify a website. You need both a domain name and hosting for your website to work.

    We will initially arrange a phone/video call to get things started. From this initial discussion we can find out more about your business, your audience and your marketing goals. We will put forward our recommendations from information gathered and if you’re happy with what we’ve said, we can put together a project proposal and move forward from there.

    Yes, WordPress is secure enough for E-Commerce websites, as long as you follow the best practices to protect your website and keep it well maintained. Just like with a normal website, you will need to keep your core files up to date to ensure that any security issues are fixed.

    WordPress allows you to add a range of different functionalities to your website to help you get the most out of your business. One of the major plugins that is used for E-Commerce WordPress websites is WooCommerce. WooCommerce, just like WordPress itself, is an open source software available to install for free. It has a dedicated team of developers that work to ensure that any security issues are fixed as soon as possible. The plugin is regularly updated to increase its security and add or streamline new features.

    The idea of an E-Commerce website is to allow customers to buy directly from your website. In order to do this, they need to provide their bank details for the payment to be processed. Integrating a secure third-party payment gateway onto your E-Commerce WordPress website will allow you to protect your customers sensitive information.

    Installing an SSL certificate onto your E-Commerce website will also increase it’s security. This certificate encrypts the data being transferred, protecting your customers. It will give them peace of mind that they can safely and securely shop on your website with minimal risk of their data being breached.

    By hiring a dedicated web agency to look after your website, they will be able to ensure that your E-Commerce WordPress website is as secure as possible to protect the data of your customers. Get in contact with us today to see how our dedicated E-Commerce team can help keep your website secure.